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Electric Rope Hoist
Electric Rope Hoist
CWS80 Electric Rope Hoist 80Kgs $1,388.25 + GST
CWS160 Electric Rope Hoist 160Kgs $1,814.63 + GST
CWS230 Electric Rope Hoist 230Kgs $1,980.00 + GST
CRH0710 Swivel arm assembly $281.25 + GST

Designed for use on building sites and multi story units, these compact rope hoists are also suitable for a wide range of applications in warehouses, storage areas, factories etc. It will pick up a full barrow of bricks, sand, mortar etc. It saves on labour as it needs only one man to operate.

  • 5-metre power lead included.
  • 240 volt single phase operation.
  • Plug in 10-metre push button controller.
  • Fail-safe braking systems Optional mounting arm.
  • Raised position and reverse winding limit switch.
Manual Rope Hoist

Securpulley Auto Braking Gin Wheel

  • Self-locking gin wheel.
  • S.W.L 50kg.
  • Made in Italy.


$845.85 + GST

Swivel Mounting Arm

  • Used with securpulley.
$361.65 + GST
Swivel Mouting Arm

Rope 1m x 16mm

  • 16mm rope is used to hoist materials up and down when using the securpulley.
  • Polyester double braid
$4.10 + GST

Rope 1m x 6mm

  • 6mm rope is used to deactivate the brake on the securpulley.
  • Polyester double braid
$1.90 + GST